Things To Do In New York City- Week 4

I have loved New York City so much and I have wanted to share all the things it has to offer with other people so that they can love it too.  You can’t go to New York without taking a stroll  through Central Park.  In Central Park you can see so many interesting people with unique talents.  One of the most beautiful places I’ve visited was the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.  There was a beautiful fountain and so many gorgeous theaters.  It is amazing during the day but even better at night when it is light up.  You may find this surprising but if you have a short amount of time in the city I don’t suggest seeing or spending a lot of time at the Statue of Liberty.  It’s nice but there wasn’t much to it.   If you are looking for something educational and historical you should go to Ground Zero and the 9/11 memorial museum.  If you want a break from the fast city life in NYC you can enjoy a relaxing visit to the Hudson River, also located in New York. Although this bustling city has so many wonders and adventures, my favorite part of it is Times Square.  In Times Square you can see a Broadway show (I recommend “Dear Evan Hansen”), you can go shopping, and see an endless amount of tourist attractions.  If you are looking for a good vacation spot you should definitely kick back and relax in The Big Apple.




  1. Mrs. Wohlafka

    Hi, Genaviene!

    I am a commenter for Student Blogging Challenge.

    I really enjoyed your “Things to Do in New York City” post! I live near New York City (about a one-hour drive). I love Broadway shows, too! I’m going to one tomorrow – “Ain’t Too Proud”.

    I think that the Statue of Liberty is an important site to visit when you’re in New York City though.It was the first thing that so many immigrants to America saw, and as an immigrant from Norway, it is important to me.

    I also liked your poem “Opening Night”! When you wrote it, had you recently been in a show?

    • genavienele2025

      Hi Mrs. Wohlafka!
      I agree that the Statue of Liberty is an important part history. I was just sharing my personal opinion on things to do in NYC. I’m so jealous that you get to live so close to such an amazing city. Have you been to Ellis Island? It is also a very special place for many immigrants. I have recently been in many plays at my community theater and I am glad you enjoyed my poem.

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